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1. 乒乓球不仅是一种运动而且是一门艺术。

2. 有人认为打乒乓球不用花力气,我却不以为然……

3. 你经常发现球快速运动,运动员的动作很美。

4. 虽然我打乒乓球不是很好,但对此颇感兴感。它能使我们强身健体,学会合作。

The Sport I like Best

Of all the sports, I like table-tennis best. I think it is not only a sport but also an art, because it is a game that needs strength and skill.

Some people think that playing table-tennis needs little strength, but I don't think so. In playing table-tennis, we should judge the direction of the ball, and hit it back with great strength so that we can win the game. At the same time we need to pick up the ball which falls to the ground. So after one game you will be very tired if you have tried your best.

But, as a sport, I think it is more like an art. In the game, you can often find the ball moving quickly, and each of the players' movements is very beautiful.

So I like the sport very much. Though I can't play it very well, I still show great interest in it. I think playing table-tennis can build our bodies, keep us healthy and train our brains. What's more, it an help us to learn to co-operate with each other. So I like it very much.

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